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. Tsavorite is a green variety of Grossularite Garnet that was originally found in Tsavo National Park in Africa.
. Tsavorite is the gemstone of the Grossular Garnet family. Tsavorite is the stone that helps the person in discovering the beauty within himself and in others.
. Tsavorite was discovered in 1967 by a Scottish gemmologist called Campbell Bridges, whilst he was walking in Tanzania. Apparently, Bridges was charged by a buffalo and avoided the animal by diving into a gully.
. Tsavorite garnet is a green to emerald coloured variety of grossular garnet, which is composed of calcium aluminium silicate. The intense green of tsavorite is owed to traces of vanadium or chromium.

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Chemical Formula: Ca3Al2(siO4)3 Calcium aluminium silicate
Crystal Structure: Cubic; rhombic dodecahedron, icositetrahedron
Color: Green to emerald green
Hardness : 6.5 to 7.5 on the Mohs scale
Refractive Index: 1.734 to 1.759
Density: 3.57 to 3.73
Cleavage : Indistinct
Transparency: Transparent to opaque
Double Refraction / Birefringence: Usually none
Luster: Vitreous
Fluorescence: Strong: red-orange
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. Tsavorite helps reduce the effects of pollen and animal allergies, aides in blood-sugar disorders, relieves inflammation, increases libido, and helps to recharge the immune system.
. It is an excellent stone in treating the skin inflammations, detoxifying the body, fortifying kidney and liver, regulating metabolism.
. Meditate with Tsavorite to enhance communication with higher spirits, increase psychic awareness and enhance intuition.
. Tsavorite has anti-inflammatory properties and so is good for arthritis and rheumatism in particular and any inflammation or swelling in general. It is also good at detoxifying the kidneys.

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. The color of Tsavorite ranges from pale emerald green to bright and shiny green.

Tsavorite Garnet Vedic Astrology :

Chakra:     Heart-Chakra.
Birthstone: January.
Planet: Venus.
Zodiac: Taurus.

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. Tsavorites are found mainly in Kenya and Tanzania, but also in Pakistan, Canada, Sri Lanka, the former USSR, South Africa, Madagascar, Toliara and the USA.
Tsavorite Garnet Gemstone Price :
. Buying Tsavorite Garnet and Determining Tsavorite Garnet Gemstone value depends on Tsavorite Garnet Colour, Tsavorite Garnet Clarity and Lustre, Tsavorite Garnet Cut and Shape, Tsavorite Garnet Treatment.

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. Garnet can be identified by its occurrence in metamorphic rock, its hardness (6.5 – 7.5 on the Mohs scale), colour and cubic crystal structure.
. Grossular garnet and pyrope garnet are the least magnetic of the garnet group, which can help to distinguish tsavorite from the more magnetic demantoid garnet.

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Tsavorite Garnet Gemstone Quality :
. Quality is one of the most important factors in valuing a gem.
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[box_title font_size=”15″ border=”bottom” border_color=”#cdcdcd” animate=”shake”]Tsavorite Garnet Gemstone Benefits :[/box_title]

. Tsavorite looks similar to an emerald but is more brilliant and durable.
. It  is beneficial for the membranes and skin.
. It is connected with the principle of love.
. Tsavorite is protects rural homes.
. Tsavorite can increase one’s sense of joy.