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[box_title font_size=”15″ border=”bottom” border_color=”#cdcdcd” animate=”shake”]Tiger’s Eye Gemstone Meaning ?[/box_title]

.  The name itself means a significance characteristic of a tiger. A tiger is known to be focused, has strong determination and it is patient. A tiger concentrates on its desires.
. Tiger Eye lets you see everything. Use it for insight and you can be a very lucky person.
. The Tiger’s Eye Gemstones is renowned as a chatoyant gemstone – meaning that it displays a unique property of optics in which it looks like a cat’s eye glowing in the dark.
Gemstone  Physical  Composition:  Tigerseye  is a chatoyant  stone made primarily of silicon dioxide (silica), and banded with parallel lines of golden-yellow,  and dark yellowish-brown  or reddish-brown.  It consists of quartz (silicon dioxide), which is coloured by iron oxide, and crocidolite.  Tiger iron is an altered rock composed  chiefly of tiger’s eye, red jasper and black hematite

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Chemical Formula: SiO2; Silicon dioxide
Crystal Structure: Trigonal / hexagonal; fibrous aggregate
Color: Gold-yellow, gold-brown
Hardness : 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs scale
Refractive Index: 1.534 to 1.540
Density: 2.58 to 2.64
Cleavage : None
Transparency: Opaque
Double Refraction / Birefringence: None
Luster: Silky
Fluorescence: None
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. It is  stabilising,  enduring,  and  can  help  build  confidence  and  increase  a person’s  sense of security.
. It is an excellent  stone for developing  and encouraging  discipline  and concentration, especially in children.
. This stone may bring abundance,  prosperity, and financial independence.  Benefits digestive organs, spleen, colon, pancreas, and infections.
. Tiger’s Eye heals eye diseases and enhances night vision—it helps you see like a cat in the dark. It rebalances the body on all levels.

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. Brown, greyish-blue, red, yellowish-brown  and white.

Tiger’s Eye Vedic Astrology :
. Chakra correspondences:Third eye
Physiological correspondences:Brain, liver, eyes, throat, reproductive organs, bones
Vibration:Earthy and high

[box_title font_size=”15″ border=”bottom” border_color=”#cdcdcd” animate=”bounceInUp” animation_delay=”3″]Tiger’s Eye Gemstone Sources ?[/box_title]

. Australia, Burma, Brazil, Canada, China, India, Namibia, South Africa, and USA.

Tiger’s Eye Gemstone Price :
. Buying Tiger’s Eye and Determining Tiger’s Eye Value depends on Tiger’s Eye Color, Tiger’s Eye Clarity and Luster, Tiger’s Eye Cut and Shape, Tiger’s Eye Treatment.

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. Tiger’s eye can be identified by its distinct golden brownish color, chatoyancy and its silicon dioxide composition.
. Tiger’s eye can be distinguished from similar hawk’s eye by its browner color and lesser iron content. Tiger’s eye is actually formed from hawk’s eye.

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Tiger’s Eye Gemstone Quality :
. Quality is one of the most important factors in valuing a gem.
. you are familiar with all the subtle nuances of color, cut and clarity.


[box_title font_size=”15″ border=”bottom” border_color=”#cdcdcd” animate=”shake”]Tiger’s Eye Gemstone Benefits :[/box_title]

. Promotes mental clarity, focus and emotional balance  It helps develop intuition and psychic ability.
. It can also help one see clearly without illusion. Tiger’s eye brings a special boost to the solar plexus chakra and to one’s personal power.
. It enhances integrity, willpower, self-confidence, practicality and correct use of  power.
. The harmony it brings is calming and helpful with meditation; meditations with the tiger eye stone will be complete with a calm inner being and total concentration.
. Wearing this gemstone, one can achieve proper focus that allows the mind to be in a state of equilibrium.