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[box_title font_size=”15″ border=”bottom” border_color=”#cdcdcd” animate=”shake”]Spinel Gemstone Meaning ?[/box_title]

. Spinel is often called the great impostor of the gemstone world, Spinel is most famous for its deep red variety that closely resembles Ruby.
. This gemstone brings all the vital energies to the higher realms and efforts. It is also used to magnetize prosperity, wealth and money.
Gemstone  Physical  Composition:  Spinel is in the aluminium  oxide mineral family, and is found primarily within metamorphic  rock, and as a primary  mineral  in basic rock. It is also common  within  peridotite,  an igneous  rock found at the boundary between the Earth’s crust and the mantle. In such magmas, the absence of alkalis prevents the formation of feldspars, and any aluminum oxide present will form Corundum (aluminum oxide) or combine with magnesia (magnesium oxide) to form Spinel. For this reason, Spinel and Ruby are often found together.

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Chemical Formula: MgAl2O4 Magnesium aluminium oxide
Crystal Structure: Cubic; octahedron, twins, rhombic dodecahedron
Color: Red, orange, yellow, brown, blue, violet, purple, green, black
Hardness : 8 on the Mohs scale
Refractive Index: 1.712 to 1.762
Density: 3.54 to 3.63
Cleavage : Indistinct
Transparency: Transparent to opaque
Double Refraction / Birefringence: None
Luster: Vitreous
Fluorescence: Red spinel, strong: red. Blue spinel, weak: reddish, green
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. It is Said to relieve stress and depression and assist with mental rejuvenation.
. Spinel is a stone that can bring high energy to all efforts and all realms.
. It is the best stone for alleviating stress, depression and also encourages the
person to move further even in the difficult conditions.
. It attracts the energy in the form of cleaning one that may clear off the information in more vibrant way.

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. Black, blue, brown,  green,  orange,  pink, purple,  red violet, and yellow.  With the most valuable colour being red.

Spinel Vedic Astrology :

. Zodiac Stone of: Sagittarius & Scorpio
. Associations: Jupiter
. Birthstone: Traditional Birthstone for the Month of
. chakra: Root chakra

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. Myanmar (Burma), Sri Lanka, Tajikistan, Tanzania, and Thailand.

Spinel Gemstone Price :
. The price your gem will sell for is based upon several factors. Quality is one of the most important factors in valuing a gem.
. Spinel gemstone values based upon qualitative evaluations of things like, cut clarity, and color.

[box_title font_size=”15″ border=”bottom” border_color=”#cdcdcd” animate=”bounceInUp” animation_delay=”3″]WHICH SPINEL GEMSTONE  SHOULD I CHOOSE ?[/box_title]

. spinel can be distinguished from other gemstones by its octahedral crystal structure and single refraction.
. Buying Spinel and Determining Spinel Value depends on Spinel Color, Spinel Clarity and Luster, Spinel Cut and Shape, Spinel Treatment.

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. we sell best quality of Spinel gemstones.
. we collect direct from Spinel mines across the  world.
. we provide genuine  natural gemstones with certification.
Spinel Gemstone Quality :
.  Quality is one of the most important factors in valuing a gem.
. you are familiar with all the subtle nuances of color, cut and clarity.

[box_title font_size=”15″ border=”bottom” border_color=”#cdcdcd” animate=”shake”]Spinel Gemstone Benefits :[/box_title]

. spinel is used to attract money, wealth and prosperity.  It can also be used to bring vitality to any endeavor.
. It also heals the cancer, in fact the whole body. It makes the wearer slim with a healthy weight.
. Spinel brings the sense of calming in the challenging situations or at the centre of the high energy.
. The spinel is used for enhancing the intellectual powers and also to reduce the forgetfulness of the wearer.