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. Peridot is a mineral Gemstone composed of a magnesium-iron silicate complex.
. The peridot was believed to be a stone of springtime by ancients who considered it a gift from Mother Nature.
Gemstone  Physical  Composition:  Pronounced  pear – ih – doh is also called precious  olivine (magnesium  iron silicate).  It is a transparent  green  variant  of forsteritic  olivine  associated  with  peridotite,  a dense  igneous  rock. Olivine is a mineral that composes a lot of the earth’s mantel, which is the layer just below the outer crust. Forged in fire, it is created  under  great temperatures  and pressures  deep within  the Earth,  and sometimes  extruded  in basaltic  lavas. Peridot crystallises  in the form of rounded  pebbles  or in short vertically  striated  prisms. Peridot is classified as a Nesosilicate in the Silicate mineral group.

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Chemical Formula: (Mg,Fe)2SiO4 Magnesium iron silicate
Crystal Structure: Orthorhombic; short compact prisms, vertically striated
Color: Yellow-green, olive-green, brownish
Hardness : 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs scale
Refractive Index: 1.650 to 1.703
Density: 3.28 to 3.48
Cleavage : Indistinct
Transparency: Transparent
Double Refraction / Birefringence: 0.036 to 0.038
Luster: Vitreous, greasy
Fluorescence: None
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. Peridot opens our hearts to joy and new relationships.  It enhances confidence and assertion, motivating growth and change.
. Alleviates  anger, anxiety and fear. It also acts as an aid to digestion and to combat insomnia.
. Peridot strengthens the immune system, metabolism and benefits the skin.
. It may increase confidence and assertiveness, balanced by patience and clarity of thought.

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.Olive green, yellow-green and brownish-green.
Peridot Vedic Astrology :
Birthstone: August (Fame, dignity, protection, success).
Marriage: 16th Year.
Zodiac Sign: Leo.
.Chakra correspondences: Heart, solar plexus
.Physiological correspondences: Eyes, heart, thymus, lungs, skin, spleen, gallbladder, intestines, digestive system, metabolic processes
.Vibration: Earthy to high

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.Found in Pakistan (in the Kashmir region and the Pakistan-Afghanistan border region). Beautiful material is also found in upper Myanmar (Burma) and Vietnam. Other deposits are found in Australia (Queensland), Brazil (Minas Gerais), China, Kenya, Mexico, Norway (north of Bergen), South Africa, Sri Lanka, Tanzania and the United States (Arizona and Hawaii). Recently, China has become of the the largest producers of peridot.

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. Chemically, peridot is an iron magnesium silicate and its intensity of color depends on the amount of iron it contains.
. Peridot can be mistaken for similar colored gems, but its strong double refraction is often a very distinguishing trait.
Peridot Gemston Quality :
. Quality is one of the most important factors in valuing a gem.
. you are familiar with all the subtle nuances of color, cut and clarity.

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.we sell best quality of Peridot gemstones.
.we collect direct from Peridot mines accrose the  world.
.we provide genuine  natural gemstones with certification.
Peridot Gemstone Price :
. Buying Peridot and Determining Peridot Value depends on Peridot Color, Peridot Clarity and Luster, Peridot Cut and Shape, Peridot Treatment.

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. They are also said to help in bringing openness of mind, good sleep, relaxation and comfort to people.
. The peridot is associated with feelings of love, abundance and happiness.
. The vibration of these green stones has been likened to a tonic for the body.
. Peridot gemstones are wonderful to wear, and are also helpful healing stones, that may strengthen eyesight.
. They are the stone of love and are known to foster love.